secrets to transcending the millennial mindset 


Salutations, Seekers!

The Shades of Malum Vii are here to help you overcome all of your millennial troubles.Trauma O’Rama: The Secrets to Transcending the Millennial Mindset is an immersive, satirical self-help performance. Alternative lifestyle gurus Malum Vii hold their first recruitment conference, presenting their novel ideas for positive living in a generation plagued with many anxieties and traumas. Though Malum Vii teaches lessons on enlightenment from these societal issues, their interpersonal relationships begin to crumble as one of the members discovers the monetary potential of monopolizing the group.


WHO are the Shades of Malum Vii?

The Shades of Malum Vii are comprised of four new-age spiritual enlighteners; Mustard, Lilac, Magenta and Ivory. They are supposedly  autonomous and have loyal followers all across the globe, even handsome celebrities. (see our testimonial video below) 



WHAT is Malum Vii?

Malum Vii is the highest form of millennial enlightenment. Reaching malum vii means that one has defeated all four millennial anxieties by living in the most traumatic way possible. 

clip from malum vii's introduction dance 

clip from magenta's mystical movement meditation

malum vii's celebrity testemonial video