in collaboration with Sean Pollock

Are you a whore for politics? A maniac for disorder? A John Waters glutton? Or just a total freak? Then After School Special Theatre’s GREED PLAY is the show for you! 

GREED PLAY was a site-specific and immersive trashy pop-up, promenade style theatre experience that aimed to shock, inspire, entertain, (turn on) and unify (and maybe piss some people off) based around the theme of corporate greed. Taking place at different locations throughout Wall Street and the financial district, GREED PLAY had various microplays being performed along a short walking tour led by our guide, Reyna Terror. 


$ $ $

"Cheaper, Faster, Garbage Food" Written by Sean Pollock, directed by Alyssa Berdie. Starring Sarah Mullins. 

"I <3 Homeless Men" Written by Tori Lassman, directed by Sebastian Pray. Starring Max Reiling and Matthew Danger Lippman.

"The Prodigal Large Adult Son" Written by Dan Rodaire, directed by Alex Randrup. Starring Gregg Ellson, Jesse Regis, Jonathan Schuta, Eddie Shields, and Ricky Whitcomb.

"Mother" Created by Elizabeth Ng, Leanne Siwicki, Amelia Marino, Pauline Pechin.

Clip of Reyna Terror's walking tour.

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