Grandma, simply put, is the loosest and filthiest woman alive. She's timeless, ageless, and related to you and everyone you know.  She's an unstoppable force to be reckoned with--  loud, raunchy, horny, and DYING. She's the Grandmother of your dreams that you're glad you've never had, and she's looking for love in every love handle and crevasse.

In other words, Grandma is the official mascot of After-School Special Theatre. She represents our love for camp, audience interaction, creativity, thinking outside of the box, and being free. Because of the exciting nature of the show and its popularity among audiences, we have produced 6 theatre pieces with Grandma as the main character. The Grandma shows are unlike anything you've ever seen before, and exhilarating to create and perform. Even when we are working on non-Grandma productions, she is with us in spirit.

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Grandma is Really Sick - Friends and Lovers, BK (2018)


Dick Cocks' Amateur Hour- Friends and Lovers, BK (2018)


♥ So You Wanna Be Like Grandma - radio series at WPSR (2017)


♥ For The Love of Grandma - SUNY Purchase Culture Shock Festival (2017)


♥ For The Love of Grandma - Shea Stadium, BK (2017)


♥ For The Love of Grandma - PSSAB Spring Theatre Production at SUNY Purchase (2016)


♥ Grandma's Holiday Hangover - PSSAB's Fall Theatre Production at SUNY Purchase (2015)


♥ Grandma's One Night Stand - PSSAB's Fall Theatre Production at SUNY Purchase (2015)

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"grandma is really sick" video compilation

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"Grandma is legtimately the most fun event I have ever been to. I'm not a theatre person, but I have bent my schedule and called out of work to see Grandma, and I'd keep doing it again."

-Katie Gallagher, audience member

"We really do believe in

camp over everything.

Grandma events have been really successful…people love Grandma! I think what we’ve ultimately realized is that Grandma needs to be a part of every event in some capacity."

 - Dan Rosensweet, collaborator

so ya wanna be like grandma - xxx sexting edition


fundraising video for

For The Love of Grandma at Shea Stadium

(see gofundme here)

“I’d keep coming back, blind

to obligations, willing to give them the shirt off my back if they needed it. Grandma’s home is the sneaky underground club which requires you being ‘in the know’ to locate. Amidst all the contrived scenes of fluff is this ugly, dirty, complicated little gem, which doesn’t require that you’re cool enough, but rather that you can read a poster and walk over. It represents an ability for people to go beyond the limits of ‘approved’ spaces and events.”      
  - Allison Charde, a collaborator 

“We try to be as ludicrous as possible. It’s just a fun event. It’s the most fun event, and it’s the best event. Boom, I said it ."

- Izzi D'Esposito, a collaborator

promotional video for

For The Love of Grandma, Culture Shock Festival

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For The Love of Grandma- 2017

For The Love of Grandma- 2017 Shea Stadium