pressure park

PRESSURE PARK: is an INTERACTIVE theatre experience that uses short pre-written scripts written by us that were performed, edited, and changed on-scene by audience participants and passersby. We wanted to experiment with the many ways a play can be interpreted ANYWHERE by ANYBODY. 

PRESSURE PARK inspired a theatrical piece that could only have been created with YOUR presence. 

the rules:

  1. Each of us writes a 5-7 page scene with a given relationship status and two characters minimal stage direction and movement

  1. Two audience members volunteer to act in the first scene. One actor pulls out of a hat the play they will act in. They’re given the script  

  2. The first play is acted by the two audience members and given a direction from After- School Special

  3. After-School Special asks the audience members for three changes (relationship, circumstance, a secret, rule in the world of the play, new objective)

    1. Relationship: changing a scene between two brothers to a scene between a couple.

    2. Circumstance: The ground that the characters stand on is now flooding.

    3. A Secret: One of the characters really has to poop.

    4. Rule of World: Every time a character’s name is said, one actor slaps themselves.

    5. Objective: Everything one character is doing is now to seduce the other character.

  4. Repeat.









Two Boys Sit In Hell: Written by Anna O'Connell - Two sexually frustrated boys suffer through ignorant conversations about back molars, masturbation, greasy hair, and sex. 

Chinnie’s First Wax: Written by Tori Lassman- Two women discuss their friendship over a wedding dress and an asshole waxing. 

Red & Dale: Written by Chloé Hayat - A couple comes together over the funeral of a loved one.

Goldfish: Written by Gabriella Sprenkle- A young girl and her babysitter eat Goldfish and color while talking about class, crushes and dog farts.