BLUE BALLS experimented with the concept of completion by presenting four unique excerpts of full length plays written by the ladies of After-School Special Theatre. Each individual piece was directed by a separate young, upcoming director- those involved were Joan Marie, Max Friedman, Emily Bubeck, and Parade Stone. This production took place at the Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance on March 30th, 2018.


The cast consisted of the extremely talented Geoff Poppler, Sam Jaffe, Pablo Vazquez, Chris Mazza, Lizzie Morgan, Stacey Weckstein, Tom Ashton, Leanne Siwicki, Billy Blair, Matt Danger Lippman, Vuk Lungulov-Klotz, Sigrid Wise, Sarah Mullins, Dan Rosensweet, Ashley Hutchinson, and Leanne Siwicki.


Spirit Journeyz

written by Chloé Hayat, directed by Joan Marie Cusick

A disenfranchised, feuding ghost hunting reality show is hired to cleanse a deeply troubled family of "evil spirits." Big changes and a crisis of faith in the Spirit Journeyz Gang have frayed the once-harmonious friendship to a breaking point and have set up a dramatic “lockdown” investigation at the Brigg’s family home. Hugo Briggs and his daughter Rikki have been seeing demonic apparitions, and the family is desperate to return to their normal lives. The family of die-hard fans are in for a rude awakening when they learn that their favorite celebrity Paranormal Investigators are not the impassioned believers they expected. The play is highly theatrical, and deals with issues of loss of friendships, the exploitation of mental illness, delusion vs. reality, shared trauma, questions of religion and the afterlife.

Unadjusted AKA Milk Is Dairy Days Are Daily 

written by Tori Lassman, directed by Max Freidman

Over one summer in a somewhat broken down neighborhood near a beach, Shrimp and Neil spend the majority of their time together- sharing a language of isolation and an obsession with Daisy, the girl next door. As the summer progresses, their kinship becomes resentment, and their expressions of sexuality and "manhood" diverge. "Unadjusted AKA Milk Is Dairy Days Are Daily" explores how gender, friendship and trauma influence one’s growth in their adolescent years.

Cured Olives

written by Gabriella Sprenkle, directed by Emily Bubeck


Cured Olives follows the story of a mother and daughter’s codependent relationship. Lorena is home visiting her mother and is riddled with guilt and feels completely dependent. Her life is revolves around taking care of her mothers emotional and physical health therefore she has trouble masturbating and having a social life. She meets a local at a bar nearby and their relationship quickly becomes sexual. This relationship is what keeps her able to have separation from her mother but has trouble keeping it a secret. Curing olives embodies family drama, the hardships of ‘flying the coop’ and the difficulties of having a safe sexual relationship with a stranger. 

Can I Be Beautiful

written by Anna O'Connell, directed By Parade Stone


Can I Be Beautiful tells the story of Joanie, an unstable-drug-addicted-wannabe-beat-poet as she attempts to live out her On The Road fantasy towards her sister’s wedding (to which she has not been invited) while simultaneously working to make good on a desperate lie to her mother that she has a very well-paid book deal. Delusion becomes necessary to the self-obsessed Joanie as she desperately tries to positively spin her failures into tragic, edgy art. What happens when the typically masculine artistic arrogance isn't sexy on a woman?

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