adam's 13th birthday bash

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To Adam D'Arragattia's 13th birthday party, an interactive play taking place throughout a birthday party gone horribly wrong. Imagine being 13 again, wrecked by puberty and self-consciousness. Now imagine that same feeling, amplified by more than a few displays of public humiliation at your own birthday party thrown by your soon to be separated parents. 

Adam's family has decided to throw him a birthday party he'll never forget-- and they'll definitely succeed. With the motley crew of his distant but spiritually awakened Aunt Juniper and her lover, a DJ named Pussy who accompanies her on travels around the tri-state area preaching open sexuality and EDM music, his creepy uncle Paulie (who only does drugs on special occasions now), his aloof school crush, Jeanie (whose name no one knows how to pronounce), his vape-obsessed big brother-- and many, many more--, his shindig is sure to be a nightmare.





meet the family...

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Adam D'Arragattia sweats more than the average pubescent boy and is really excited for his mustache to grow in. His favorite hobby is locking himself in his room and watching Minecraft YouTube videos. He doesn’t have many friends but he hopes one day his step-brother TJ can be his best buddy. 

played by gabriella sprenkle 

Adam's Parents, Patrica and Joshua met after her first divorce with Adam's stepbrother TJ's father on Patricia was looking for someone that was diligent with cooking and cleaning and would be a good father figure for TJ, unlike his real father. Joshua was looking for 'the one'. They may not be that happy ever after but they haven’t gotten divorced yet! Although they are not the most compatible couple, Joshua has made Patricia laugh a handful of times which is more than usual for her. Patricia is VERY busy and Adam is the apple of Joshua’s eye. 

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played by same franco and chloé hayat

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TJ, Adam's Stepbrother has been left back TWICE from the 8th grade and doesn’t feel bad about it. TJ claims to have lost his virginity last summer to a girl that “goes to a different school”. His favorite hobbies include juggling and vaping. His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and his favorite musician is Lil Peep, R.I.P. 

played by ike oedel

Uncle Paulie is Adam’s dad’s brother. He isn’t invited to most family occasions because of his tendency to steal and past problems with drugs and alcohol but now that he only does drugs on special occasions his brother invited him to celebrate Adam’s big day. Paulie currently lives in the basement of his mothers house if he’s not back with his on and off again ex Tina. Now that he’s mostly sober he’s gotten really into humpback whales and hammerhead sharks and learning more about aquatic life. He may or may not have been caught jerking off in a aquarium on Father’s Day. 

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played by geoff poppler 

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Juniper, Adam's aunt and her lover Pussy haven’t been invited to a family occasion in a while partially because they are always on the road traveling the tri-state area performing informational DJ sets about womyn’s equality and going to poly raves. Juniper’s government name is Joanne but she has gone by Juniper since she ran away from home when she was 17 with a vagabond named ‘Big Third Leg’ who sold incense off the side of the road. Juniper and Pussy met at Gigi Watercresses' yearly poly festival to end homelessness where they built cardboard boxes to live in that they later made love in. They currently live out of their van. 

played by anna o'connell and tori lassman

Billy Agnes Stone is Juniper and Pussy’s new lover and spiritual guide. She is well known for her Youtube tarot card readings under the name BillyAgnesStoneColdTruth95. In 2009 she infamously predicted a chlamydia outbreak in small town in Florida and since has been regarded by some as a new age psychic. She has a small cult following based off several of her novels and self help books about sex and relationships. She claims to have written all over her books with her third eye which she calls her belly button where her true pussy lives. 

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played by niara seña

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Jennie/Jenny/Joanie is Adam's BIG crush. We are still not sure what her name is due to the fact that everyone says it differently and she doesn’t care enough to correct them. Jenny is most known for her 12k followers on her Tik Tok, where she does videos of her singing Carly Rae Jepsen songs. She buys ALL of her clothes from Brandy Melville and has a dream of one day becoming a veterinarian’s assistant. Her mom is the head PTA parent and is forcing Jenny to go to Adam’s Birthday party. She’s hoping she’ll flirt with a cute boy and post some Tik Tok videos for her fans. 

played by emily benzigzag